Hotel Dates Sign

Built in the 1800s as the Mt. Shasta Hotel, the original structure burned to the ground in 1903 taking most of the town with it.

It was rebuilt by Abner Weed in 1904 and subsequently titled The Weed Hotel. The post-fire renovations were built around the building’s original brick skeleton.

Eventually, the hotel became known as the Dunsmuir Hotel.

It has been rebuilt numerous times throughout its life and in the 1940s received a traditional Art Deco Style.

With the re-opening of the hotel in 1947 it again became known as “Dunsmuir’s finest”.

Once the largest city north of Sacramento, travelers visited Dunsmuir for its lively culture, pure healing water, and incredible natural beauty.

At the time Hotel Dunsmuir offered the most extravagant accommodations available in the area, and was once frequented by the wealthy and movie stars. The town was known for being a secret playground to the rich and famous.