A historic hotel called “Hotel Dunsmuir” is one of the gems of Dunsmuir.

Many people recognize the hotel as the “Upside Down Hotel” from Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Dunsmuir, a city known for its vibrant culture and spectacular surroundings, is brimming with potential. It’s was once the largest city north of Sacramento and visited by actors, athlese and the most popular people of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Moreover, it has several hidden historial gems that attract tourists to visit year after year.

Hotel Dunsmuir once known as the Weed Hotel and Dunsmuir Train Station circa 1940s or 50s
Hotel Dunsmuir and Dunsmuir Train Station

The History

Abner Weed built the Hotel Dunsmuir (formerly known as The Weed Hotel) on the site of the original Mount Shasta Hotel back in the early 1920s.

He purchased the land from a fellow named J.B. Dougherty for $10,000.

The building took a year to complete, and by the end of it had cost Mr.Weed a total of $70,000.

Ralph Warner Hart, a San Francisco architect, designed this magnificent four-story brick structure.

This type of design is an example of Richardson Romanesque architecture; the prevalent architectural style during the late 1800s.

Dunsmuir News called Hotel Dunsmuir “the finest hotel in Northern California.”

Twenty years after its construction, disaster struck the Hotel.

It was in 1944, when a large fire broke out and burned the hotel to the ground… This however didn’t stop Mr. Weed from his goal to offer the best Hotel experience in town.

Discover Hotel Dunsmuir’s Great History

The post-fire renovations used the building’s original brick skeleton as a foundation. The inspiration for its design was a traditional 40’s Art Deco Style.

With the newly renovated facilities, Hotel Dunsmuir continued to hold the title of “Dunsmuir’s finest” upon its reopening in 1947.

Aside from that, a novel addition to the hotel was done by a San Francisco engineer named L.H. Nishkian, a man known for pioneering earthquake engineering.

In 1982, due to a decline in popularity, Hotel Dunsmuir evolved into a residential hotel named Dunsmuir Apartments and underwent extensive interior renovation.

In 1980 Hotel Dunsmuir was known as Dunsmuir Apartments

Hotel Dunsmuir and the surrounding buildings are NOW in the process of being revived yet again.

After almost 100 years, it has never failed to provide a place to stay in the town, and now, it provides AirBnB guests with rooms that are uniquely themed and feature a full kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Famous Stars in Dunsmuir’s Finest

Having said that the hotel was one of the finest hotels in town, it offered the most extravagant accommodations.

In its hay day the hotel and town of Dunsmuir attracted a lot of wealthy and famous personalities as guests, who attended events at the California Theatre just across the street.

In fact, the hotel offers a variety of themes based on the original travels and adventures of one of the hotel’s owners: Author, Inventor, and Visionary, Mark Juarez.

Currently the decked out rooms available are called:

  1. Mark Twain Room (109)
  2. Jane Austen Room (202)
  3. Orient Express room (203)
  4. Ernest Hemingway Room (204)
  5. Train Room once the castle to the HoBo King (206)
  6. Zane Grey Room (208)
  7. The fishing room (209)

The Great Team Behind this Altruistic Restoration

The person who took the initiative to revive the hotel was Mark Juarez.

In an interview, he stated that he discovered Dunsmuir through a friend who lived in the town. He thought that the town had an amazing history and had a lot of potentials.

As such, he bought properties including Hotel Dunsmuir and the California Theatre.

A lot of people were threatened and concerned that the serenity of the town would change.

However, the inventor, entrepreneur, and property owner still wanted to pursue his plans in order to benefit the largest number of people who lived in town and for those who visit this historical and magical town.

He said that “A community without art is a community without a soul” that’s why he envisions a town with arts that can attract tourists.

So Mark has brought in a magnificent team of experts to gentrify the buildings and provide an amazing experience for it’s patrons.

Mossbrae Waterfalls Dunsmuir California

Go on an Adventure in this Scenic Town

Dunsmuir truly has picturesque and scenic environment, lush with green trees, rivers, lakes and mountains.

It invites the tourists to relax peacefully, enjoy the gifts of mother nature, and explore the town’s rich history.

Looking for a place to go to a weekend trip?

Book a Room at Hotel Dunsmuir for an awesome experience and to show support in the efforts in restoring the town!

Because of its eventful past, a thrilling experience definitely awaits you!

If you’re interested to go back in time and feel the 1970s vibe, book a room in a theme-inspired hotel by booking here through AirBnb. Or check any of the other rooms ~ we’d love to have YOU!

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