Looking for haunted hotels near you?
Well, unusual times do call for unusual experiences.
If you’re missing that thrill in life, buckle up because you are in for a spook!

We all look for the same requirements in finding a place to stay during our trips.

When booking, we ensure that the hotel has a comfy bed, good room service, and WI-FI connection. I mean, the usuals, right? And then there are some of us that are looking for a thrill, an adventure to remember.

Whether you’re a scaredy-cat or tough as nails (we’ll be the judge of that!), we’ve got you all sorted for your next bucket list adventure!

Not only can you experience a night in a former medical facility turned world-class luxury hotel, a lovely island resort, or an old but grand warship. You also get to encounter the spirits of previous owners, hoteliers, and even previous guests who continually reside in them.

Simply put, those who have checked in and never checked out.

For those who dare check-in, here are 10 haunted hotels that promise a different spirit.

So here they are…

Image from jekyllclub.com

10th – Jekyll Island Club, Georgia 

To start, we have a 130-year-old luxury hotel found in an island sanctuary. The hotel provided services to high-profile clients like railroad tycoon Edwin Gould, and businessman, JP Morgan.

Mr. Gould’s son lingers near his family’s owned cottages, as he met his end from an accidental shot while going hunting with a friend. JP Morgan’s presence meanwhile, could be felt through the smoke of cigars at the hotel’s annex, at the same time he smoked his before.

Unlike other haunted hotels, this one provides several ghost tours of their cottages, homes, and cemetery. They also teach guests the basics of ghost hunting.

Protocols in Place: Guests must remain six feet apart. There are also advanced housekeeping protocols, and limited use of public spaces like the pool and lounge areas

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9th – Francis Marion Hotel, King St., Charleston, SC

This 1920s, 12-story hotel is a reputable place in Charleston, South Carolina owned by the Revolutionary War hero, Francis Marion. It has a total of 235 guest rooms and suites, restaurants, stores. In addition, it also has the delightful scenery of Charleston that truly gives justice to its reputation.

The haunted hotel’s eternal guest is a story of love. It stars Ned Cohen, who spent a business trip that turned into a romantic weekend with his siren.

They met a tragic fate because he was a Northerner and she was from the South; a love too complicated in a post-war era. Ned jumped to his death after finding out she was gone, leaving him with only a letter.

His longing is still felt as sightings include seeing a man weeping in the hallway. Guests also report seeing glimpses of someone falling from the upper floor.

Protocols in Place: Wearing of masks, constant disinfection of high-touch areas, and deep cleaning of rooms.

Image from travelpulse.com

8th – Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, Canada

This grand facility is inspired by baronial Scottish architecture and built in 1886. It stirred up tourism in the area and provided service to travelers crossing the Canadian Pacific Railroad. 

The castle possesses tales of two ghosts of tragic and friendly origins respectfully. 

The first ghost is a bride who fell to her death on the way to the ballroom on the marble staircase of the hotel. Walking down the same stairs, there have been reports of chilling experiences and guests seeing glimpses of a woman in a white dress.

The second ghost was a past employee, a bellman named Same who appears and provides service to guests. However, don’t make the mistake of talking to him as he might just disappear before your eyes! 

Protocols in Place: Easy cancellations, extensive measures in collaboration with allsafeandwell.com

Image from historichotels.org

7th – The Emily Morgan San Antonio – a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (1924) San Antonio, Texas

The Emily Morgan in Alamo City was previously an advanced medical arts facility in Mississippi. It had its own morgue, psychiatric ward, hospital and surgery floors, and even a crematorium. 

USA Today named it the 3rd spookiest amongst other haunted hotels in the world in 2015.

Reports share chilling experiences of unexplained noises, TVs shutting off and on by themselves, phones ringing in the middle of the night. Sometimes, even a surprise guest that runs the tub’s bathwater for its guests!

Protocols in Place: Staff training, increased cleaning of public areas, food & beverage safety protocols, among others


Image from tripadvisor.com

6th – Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods (1902)  

Carolyn Stickney aka “The Princess” was the widowed bride of the original owner of Mt. Washington Hotel in 1902. She has a room named the “Princess Lounge” to commemorate her efforts in developing the hotel during its prime years.

Her maple bed can still be found on the third floor of the hotel and to which she still returns after coming down the hotels’ stairs for dinner. Numerous guests also recount seeing a woman brushing her hair by the foot of their bed

The Omni Washington Resort offers many selections of dining experiences like the Flavors of the World and Omni Originals. They also accommodate event requests.  

Protocols in Place: Standard and improved cleaning routines via the Omni Safe & Clean initiative

Image from fivestaralliance.com

5th – The Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina

Built in 1913, this relaxing resort in Ashville not only boasts of its southern style of hospitality. It is also home to the Pink Lady, a gentle ghost of a young woman adorned in pink fashion who died in the Palm Court atrium in 1920 and now lobbies the resort’s expanse.

In 1996, an author of local ghostly phenomena gathered evidence accounts of two employees who believed they had a close encounter with the lady. They both experienced strong chills whilst approaching the same room in the haunted hotel.

Other guests report lights turning on and off on the sixth floor or getting their toes tickled in the middle of the night. Some recall a lady they’ve seen but shortly disappeared; a floating mist of pink light.

Protocols in Place: Standard and improved cleaning routines via the Omni Safe & Clean initiative

Image from cvent.com

4th –  Omni Parker House, Boston (1855)

The Omni Parker House hotel in Boston has a forever host who was its former operations head, Harvey Parker.  In an interview by Boston Globe in 1992, hotel staff confirmed that Mr. Parker still remains there as a hotelier.

Other staff stories include noise complaints from visitors who falsely hear whispered voices outside guest quarters, seeing shadows and orbs of lights. The scent of whiskey and cigars from one of the hotel rooms is also rumored to be from one of the previous long-time guests.


Protocols in Place: Standard and improved cleaning routines via the Omni Safe & Clean initiative

Image from tripster.com

3rd – The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802

Come aboard and sail in a legendary ship that has been the subject of interest for many years by paranormal experts and the talk of spooked guests. The haunted hotel and ship feature 314 guest rooms, 9 suites, 305 uniquely designed staterooms.

The Queen Mary Hotel is not only docked with its exceptional offers and features, but also with its spirits haunting the swimming pools, dressing rooms, first-class suites, and storage rooms. According to some articles, because of an accident in World War 2 causing the lives of 300 men, banging can be still be heard in the hotel from those calling for rescue.

Protocols in Place: Temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Image from booking.com

2nd – The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

“Here’s Johnny!”

If this line didn’t give you the creeps, then we don’t know what will! The Grand Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is famous for being the site of the classic thriller film The Shining by Stanley Kubrick as the author himself experienced during his stay which he used as inspiration for the film.

It features four hotel types namely The Stanley, The Lodge, Aspire, Residences which features historical to modern rooms and residences to suit your preferences.

The Stanley Hotel is a famous and historic establishment. Its opening dates back to 1909 and rumor has it that its original owner, to this date, still roam around its halls.

To those who seek to experience it themselves, the hotel offers limited night ghost tours and historic day tours for adults and spirited rooms with high paranormal activity including the famous Stephen King Suite 217 and the Ghost Hunters’ favorite room 401. 

Protocols in Place: Required face coverings, hand sanitizer stations, additional cleaning routines for key areas like toilets and public surfaces, limited seating in the restaurant, limited days tours, trained staff

Image from hoteldunsmuir.com

1st –  Hotel California Dunsmuir

Hotel 5744 Dunsmuir Avenue, Dunsmuir, California 96025

If you are from or near California, then you wouldn’t want to miss this! Hotel Dunsmuir in CA offers uniquely themed rooms like the Mark Twain and Zane Grey room amongst others.

This haunted hotel rebuilt in the 1980s is famous for its fourth-floor entrance, 102 rooms, shops, bar & restaurant all in one!

It was also recognized in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” as the famous Upside Down Hotel because of its quirky elevator, engineered to go down instead of up. Now, that’s an experience astray from the norm!

This hotel has been through a lot as it has been renovated not once, but twice from the ground up since its opening in the 1900s because of two destructive fires.

Aside from its historical flare, it is also home to many ghosts. Charlie the child, who was to have fallen to his death while roaming around the hotel, and of a man with an unknown name roaming the halls in a maid suit. 

Currently, it is open for Airbnb guests and special events. If you need help booking a quirky, supernatural stay in this haunted hotel, you may contact (530) 925-3959 or book through the website: https://hotelcaliforniadunsmuir.com/



Wonder what it’s like to stay overnight in one of these haunted hotels? 

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