Music & Memories at Hotel Dunsmuir

This morning, Don and Row were leaving with all of their bits and bobs.

Don had an extremely long white bag over his shoulder, he told me it was his didgeridoo; in fact he had two. One was made from Californian Yuca, which he made himself, and the other was made from maple wood.  Being a fan of the dig I asked Don if he would blow us a tune. He was obliged.

Another guest, Mindy, decided to help him out and provide some rhythm on the hand drum - which Don also provided.  They did two pieces here in our lobby. What a wonderful sound - it just made my day.

As we also have a basement Don wanted to check out the acoustics there, it’s down 5 flights of stairs, pitch black dark and much more than I wanted to experience at 9am on a beautiful sunny Dunsmuir day. Therefore, I decided to open the California Theater and let Don and Mindy jam.

There's a stream running under the theater which keeps it wonderfully cool and refreshing.  The California Theater Dunsmuir was 90 years old on June 27th this year, what a fitting birthday tribute to have such beautiful instruments played there.

Don and Row are also Airbnb hosts from Rocklin, CA. They were very interesting and entertaining guests, I suspect they would be equally good in their capacity as hosts.

Mindy is an aspiring writer who is following her intuition to find the perfect place to write her book.  We look forward to receiving a signed copy in the not too distant future.

Stay tuned for a short video clip of the music!

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